MIT石井裕先生講演内でのアーカイブズプロジェクトのご紹介|Introducing of our project in Professor Hiroshi Ishii's lecture


On August 6, I could not join Professor Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab.) 's lecture -- “311 Crisis Response” in Tokyo -- because I had to make a presentation of Hiroshima Archive of memorial day. But I heard from Mr. Kouichi Sakata (a project member of Nagasaki Archive) that Prof. Ishii had introduced our “Hiroshima Archive” and “The Japan Earthquake Archive” in his lecture. I was very surprised.

以下,Tech総研のサイトより. The YouTube movie is available.


Prof. Ishii had retweeted our “Traffic Results Information Mashup” after the East Japan Big Earthquake occurrence. I wish to express my gratitude for having introduced our project in his lecture. Thank you very much. (Hidenori Watanave)

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